Hello & Welcome,

Hello I am Dr. Gladney aka Dr. G – your emotional wellness doctor. My passion and mission is to help you create an amazing life by teaching you how to manage your emotions, stress, finances, and your health. I believe that you have the power to create the kind of life you want to live. “How is that possible?” Well in life, stuff happens. Even though you can’t control all of the situations and circumstances that happen to you, you can control your actions, thoughts, responses, decisions that all ultimately affect your future.

As the Emotion Wellness Doctor, I have had the privilege of my message reaching millions worldwide through partnering with many Fortune 500 companies.  One of my career highlights was taking my message of emotional wellness to the Pentagon and being presented with a flag that has flown over the pentagon.

Fortune 500 Companies I have worked with include:
Speaking out!Through the years, I have shared my message with numerous organizations, associations, universities, professional conferences, and churches.  I love speaking into the lives of others and bringing about a different perspective that leads to a positive change.  One of the most gratifying feelings is when I work with individual clients, coaching and counseling them through life’s challenges and helping to set and reach their level of desired success.

As a media personality expert, I have been featured in national print media, including Ebony, In Touch, Dallas Morning News, as well as national syndicated radio shows; Tom Joyner Morning Show, Michael Baisden Radio Show, Al Sharpton Radio and many others.

I have been a part of the TV world for many years as residential expert for FOX 4, co-host of a cable show, participated as a SME on interviews and panels sharing my advice and opinion on a variety of shows including Black Enterprise Report,Washington Watch with Roland MartinTom Joyner TVMichael Baisden Show,Dr. Lynn ShowDaily Balance with Kim JacobsGood Morning TexasGood Day Dallas, numerous others and many more to come.

My biggest claim to fame and the absolute light of my life are my 4 beautiful children.  They not only teach me what life is really all about, but constantly challenge me to stay emotionally healthy and balanced, while filling my life with the most incredible and indescribable joy.

Although I have experienced many things in life, I have only just begun.  I truly love life and have an extreme passion and purpose to help you love life as well.  I am here to help you create your amazing life.  Let’s get started.